Nautilus-Bay is situated in beautiful surroundings for which we take great pride to sustain and keep.

The location of the building has been chosen in order to keep most of the existing trees. In addition a lot of local plants as olives, figs, rosemary and lavender have been planted in large amounts. We have installed large rainwater storage facilities for eco friendly  toilet flushing and watering the gardens  to reduce the general water usage.

Environmentally friendly installations to keep the building cool were:

  • Brick laying with 30cm thermal bricks.
  • Natural shade through sustaining pine trees.
  • Most rooms have dual aspect windows to let the cool evening breeze naturally cool the rooms down.
  • Shutters or blinds have been fitted on all windows to regulate the heat from  the sun.

The result is a constantly comfortable room temperature throughout the year which means that the air conditioning only needs to be used  for a minimum number of days.

Energy usage has been greatly  reduces as a subsequent result of the installation of low energy lamps,  fridges, dishwashers and air conditioning units and the use of solar energy for warm water and underfloor heating during the  winter.